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Looking for creative office space?

The Enterprise Building offers creative office space, turn-key offices and more for your companies to expand, cultivate ideas and grow.

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The Enterprise Building provides office space rentals in San Bernardino. Our building has about 40,000 square feet of office total space that is available for lease. Our space is classic yet modern with wood floors and marble clad hallways. Our office spaces have been recently renovated while maintaining the classic art deco architecture, the perfect blend of old and new. Each of our office spaces can be tailored to the needs of your business. The building is air conditioned and has access to fiber optic wifi. Experience the beautiful old world charm of this historical building with our stunning two-story lobby atrium with its original wrought iron brass trim. The Enterprise Building is centrally located in Downtown San Bernardino near major freeways and public transportation, making it a great location for you and your company. We are located directly across from the Civic Center and offer free covered and secured parking for your safety! Contact us about office space rental availability today! 

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