Retail Space

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The Enterprise Building is the place to be when looking for retail space rentals in San Bernardino. This historic building was formerly known as the Andreson Building. It underwent a full renovation and our doors reopened in 2017. After this renovation we were able to maintain the building’s art deco architecture while still offering classic yet modern office, retail, and venue rentals. We are located in the heart of downtown San Bernardino close to all major freeways and government buildings. This historical landmark has been quickly embraced by locals and visitors as a point of interest. That makes our retail space the perfect place for your business! We strive to create new jobs and revive downtown with our 30,000 square feet of retail and amenity space. Our retail space is perfect for coffee shops, restaurants, retail stores. Our location makes us a hub for businesses of different industries because of the constant traffic. Contact us for more information about retail space rentals in San Bernardino! 

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