Our Story

The Enterprise Building is a beautiful, historic, art deco styled building located in the heart of downtown San Bernardino. This 70,000 square foot building is centrally located in the city’s business district and offers retail and office space ranging from 200 – 9,500 square feet.

In November 2017, The Enterprise Building opened its doors in what was formerly known as the Andreson Building. During the building’s renovation, great efforts were made to preserve the 1930’s Art Deco decor. Although modern improvements were made, the original beauty of the building was not lost in its restoration. This can easily be seen in the building’s lobby and corridors, where ironwork and marble decorate the stairwells and walls.

While much of the area around the building has changed over time, this San Bernardino landmark was preserved to serve as a monument to the city’s history and to maintain its original role in providing quality business and office space to San Bernardino; a fitting tribute to the Andreson Family who constructed the building in 1927 and had the same vision during the city’s early development.

We see the future in San Bernardino and have stepped forward in being part of the movement in bringing downtown back. We hope that those interested in leasing space at the building see and take part in our vision.

Who We Are



Who We Are